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Caffeine headaches

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Causes of Headaches Can be Identified With a Little Help
If you do not eat the proper food you will be more likely to suffer a headache as diet as well as sensitivity to food is another major cause of headache, especially the migraine headache. You may suffer from a headache because of variations in the blood sugar levels, or because of withdrawal of caffeine, or because of food additives.

Sometimes a dental abscess can be the cause of headache, especially following extraction when an infection may appear and there may be difficulty with your jaw joints that will cause local pain that is then transmitted to the face and head causing a headache. Even when your teeth are not properly aligned, you will still be at risk of getting a headache; so you need to get a dentist to look into this matter and find a proper treatment for it.

Hormones are what allow a person to experience pain, and sex hormones are believed to play an important role in causing a headache, especially in women before, or immediately after their menstrual period. If the sex hormone levels are low when menstruation is taking place, women may suffer a headache.

Persons with impaired vision will also be at risk of having a headache as this is a common cause of headache, especially when they need to squint, or strain their eye muscles in order to focus their eyes. Even glaucoma which is an eye disease can be a cause of headaches as they refer pain into the head’s structure.

You can also find that headaches come about due to a disorder in the ear, nose or throat and common causes of headaches include sinus headaches, labyrinthitis, infections and traumas. Even damage to a person’s nerves can be considered to be a cause of headaches.
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