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I love coffee! I make several visits a week to the shrine of St. Arbucks (c'mon, you all know what I mean, right?).

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If you're like me you've tried all sorts of things for migraine and headache pain relief. In my personal experience, once a migraine has taken hold there's not much that can be done except to wait for it to pass, so my priority is either catching it early, or preventing it from happening in the first place.

I've cut all sorts of things out of my diet, over the years, with varying degrees of success, but the one thing that I keep coming back to and puzzling over is caffeine.
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Anyone who has a taste for coffee and works in an environment where several cups are consumed a day is in trouble re headaches, if they are separated from their caffeine for just a day. It's not such a problem for outdoors workers as they have to leave the job to seek out and pay for their coffee, or if they have a thermos of coffee onsite it may not be appropriate to stop regularly for a coffee break.
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If you've never experienced a migraine headache, consider yourself lucky.

According to the 2007 American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention survey, about 17.1% of women and 5.6% of men suffer from migraine headache symptoms like flashing lights, pins and needle sensations, and blinding, throbbing, and intense pain that is difficult to handle.

However, many migraine sufferers swear that caffeine helps keep their migraine headaches away. In fact, many migraine suffers simply drink a caffeinated beverage at the first sign of a migraine headache. But does this work, and how?
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You may have been told by your grandmother that drinking Coca-Cola or other caffeinated products when you have a headache can help you feel much better. Well, guess what? Grandma was right. In some instances, caffeine can treat a headache. Don't believe me? Consider this scenario: You're a heavy caffeinated soda drinker, specifically Coca-Cola, and you decide to give up caffeine cold turkey. So, you stop drinking your regular four to six glasses of Coca-Cola a day.
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What if your morning dose of caffeine is responsible for you headaches!

Did you know that caffeine is one of the most usual drugs in our society? You can find this drug (yes it is a drug) in a lot of the food we eat everyday. You can find it in coffee, chocolate and more. This is probably one of the very few drugs that are legal and unrestricted. It is used everyday by millions of individuals if not more. You see the funny thing about caffeine and headache is that it's a bit controversial. Some people experience headaches as a result of withdrawals symptoms from the drug, on the other hand Caffeine can help you get rid of a headache. I hope the following information will help you understand the relation between caffeine and headaches.
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Headaches are very common with a lot of working people. You know you are having a caffeine headache when you wake up on the morning of a weekend with a headache. This happens because all week your body got so used to having the mug of coffee early in the morning so when you sleep in on the weekend your addiction kicks in and gives you pain. They call it the weekend headache since it happens on weekends. There are many ways you can relieve these nagging headaches, an ice pack, wean yourself off of caffeine and quit it for good.
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It is one of the most uncomfortable types of headaches that most of us will ever have. Although it is not on the same par as a migraine, the effects are persistent and can leave you without many options. I'm talking about a caffeine headache and if you are suffering from one, you are probably wondering how to get the relief that you need. Aside from drinking a cup of coffee, there are few options for you. That doesn't mean that you have no choices, but they are limited.
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