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Caffeine headaches

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Headache Pain Relief - Caffeine? Yes Or No?
I had been a tea drinker all my life and for some reason, several years ago, had started drinking coffee. After a few months I was drinking more and more, stronger coffee and I noticed that my migraines had become more frequent and intense, so I decided to cut caffeine out of my diet completely.

If you've ever tried this yourself, you'll appreciate what a powerful, addictive drug caffeine is! Intense headaches and overall misery followed for three or four days! Once I was eventually back to normality and settling into my new life of peppermint and camomile tea I found that although it hadn't been a complete success, the migraines were happening much less frequently and when I did get them they were much more controllable.

There was however one problem. The medication I use for headache pain relief (Migril) has a large dose of caffeine in it, so how could I stay "caffeine free"? Despite this little niggle I stayed clear of caffeine (apart from the medication) for about ten years, so I guess I must have approved of the overall result.

Over those ten years I found I was able to control almost all my migraine attacks with my medication, if, and it's a big IF, I was able to take it at the very first signs. I even managed to reduce my dose from two pills, down to just one quarter of a pill.

Recently I began to notice an increase in the frequency of my pill popping. Sometimes, although I was still only on one quarter of a pill, I was taking Migril almost every day, as I rebounded back and forth. Eventually I decided that maybe it was the caffeine in the medication that was causing the rebound effect, so I decided I'd try coming off the wagon and joining the legions of coffee drinkers once more!

I really don't like taking medication if I can avoid it, so I figured that if caffeine could give me the headache pain relief I needed, it had to be a better option. Since I made the change, about three months ago, I've only had a couple of migraine attacks. To be fair, they have been more intense than those I've been used to, but I guess it's a trade off between intensity and frequency!

The attacks I have had, I feel sure were caused by NOT having one of the coffees that my body has now become accustomed to, so I guess I'm hooked again but I prefer being hooked on coffee to being hooked on Migril and hey! I have to say that coffee is much tastier than camomile!

I'd love your comments and to hear about your own experiences.
John Henry Lee has been a migraine sufferer for over 45 years and exchanges ideas and headache pain relief remedies with fellow sufferers, on his blog.

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