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Caffeine headaches

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Headache Prevention - Caffeine and Alcohol
But in many offices it is a convention to drink many cups per day and often many ideas or gossip is exchanged while putting the next cup. Busy people will commonly consume large amounts of coffee in the hope of staying alert and that they can work faster.

We quickly become accustomed to high levels of caffeine and many people experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms on their day off of at the start of a holiday.

One cup per day can cause withdrawals

Some people are so sensitive to caffeine that just one strong cup per day can cause a headache if the coffee fix is missed.

I attended a weekend health seminar and on the Friday night we were requested to avoid caffeine and drink herbal teas. By lunch on the Saturday most of the seminar participants had a headache.

Another source of caffeine and potential withdrawal is energy drinks. With the kick of a very strong coffee and the ease of drinking several on a hot day your system will rapidly become used to this high caffeine level and you will experience headaches for the same reasons as coffee withdrawal.

We all know about alcohol induced headaches. The dreaded hangover, feeling like death warmed up. Tired, thirsty, nauseous and in pain. Your headache is the combination of de-hydration and liver stress.

The hair of the dog works up to a point

Some argue that a hair of the dog, i.e. more alcohol makes them feel better. This is actually true. You can delay the hangover and headache effect by forcing your liver to process more alcohol thereby delaying the after effect as the liver recovers. But you are only delaying the inevitable and you are just going to make the headache worse when it does arrive.

The worse headache possible

The worse combination is caffeine from energy drinks and alcohol combined. It is popular to buy jugs of vodka and a bull like drink in many bars. Its easy to drink, but the effect is amazingly bad. The caffeine keeps you awake so that you can consume more alcohol.

In the morning you have de-hydration plus a massive liver rebellion and most likely a digestive rejection of the combined toxins ingested the night before. To add insult to injury there will be most likely some late night fatty food consumed to further work your liver over.
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