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Caffeine headaches

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How to Get Over a Miserable Caffeine Headache
One thing that many people try when they are suffering from a caffeine headache is to take some aspirin. What they many not realize is that aspirin actually contains a large quantity of caffeine. They do this because they know that many people are suffering from headaches as a result of caffeine withdrawal. In order to overcome your caffeine headache, you are going to allow sufficient time for the withdrawal symptoms to subside. Caffeine is a drug and if you deprive your body of it, it will let you know by causing pain. In order to help you get over the pain, try applying pressure to the area and even using ice. A combination of the two will dull the pain.

In order for you to truly get over your caffeine headache, you need to be determined to keep free of the drug altogether. It may take a couple of days but it will all be well worth the effort once you are finally free of your addiction and the headaches are gone for good.

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