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Caffeine headaches

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Should Migraine Sufferers Cure Headaches With Caffeine?
Well, it can work. You see, caffeine actually causes the headache sufferer's blood vessels to contract, and since many migraine headaches are caused by enlarged blood vessels that press on the surrounding nerves, the headache goes away after the caffeine is ingested. In fact, many migraine sufferers experience relief within half an hour. Plus, the benefits can last for about five hours or more.

Although caffeine might seem like the perfect cure, one should realize that caffeine is a stimulative substance derived from a plant. It affects one's central nervous system and may cause agitation, nervousness, or elevated heart rate. In addition, when caffeine is coupled with sugary substances, it can cause high blood sugar and can actually bring on a rebound headache. Lastly, if one consumes four or more cups a day, they may find that they are at risk of an increase in their blood pressure.

Therefore, migraine sufferers should consider this when using caffeine to relieve their headache symptoms. Instead, migraine sufferers can avoid trigger foods like peanuts and peanut butter, beans, dried meats, and avocados, and significantly increase their magnesium levels, which can also help alleviate symptoms.

In conclusion, caffeine might help alleviate migraine headaches; however, one must consider the risks before utilizing this technique. Instead, they can avoid trigger foods and utilize magnesium to keep those migraine headaches at bay.
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