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Caffeine headaches

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What is the Relation Between your Headaches and Caffeine?
When Caffeine is the Cause for Your Headaches

Like I mentioned earlier headaches and caffeine have a very special relation. For some people the effect of caffeine withdrawal can actually target headaches. Of course this is not in every case. In fact you need to be a big coffee fan for this to happen (up to five cups of coffee a day). Although it can happen for people drinking less coffee but over a long period of use. You should also note that this drug is kind of unique. What I mean is that it's very hard to overuse this drug. As a result those who are suffering from coffee withdrawal are going to have much less severe symptoms than other drugs users.

A good tip to avoid Caffeine withdrawal headaches would be to try to slowly diminish the quantity of products you ingest with caffeine in them. This technique works well when you are trying to keep that pain from happening. Don't make the mistake of quitting completely in one day, this is a very good recipe to get the headaches very quickly.

When Caffeine is the Cure for Your Headaches

On the other hand caffeine can also be used as headache relief. You see caffeine is known in the medical world to help medicine work well. If you take analgesics for example, caffeine is complementing this kind of medicine making it more effective. This theory alone explains why medication like Excedrin contains caffeine. The good side of this is when using painkiller with caffeine for your headaches you will have to take less medication for it to works which is good.

One factor to be aware of is that caffeine can also be responsible for some people migraines. Many people are unaware of the fact that taking caffeine can be responsible for their headaches. For these people it is important to avoid taking coffee as a preventive measure. This is especially true for those who suffer from migraines. If this is your case you should avoid things like:

- Coffee

- Chocolate

- Painkillers with caffeine

I am sure by now you can see how unique the link between caffeine and headaches is. For some it can be a cause, for others a cure.
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